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Challenge: Sleep Confessions

Nightmares Lately? You're not Alone.

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We're supposed to spend a third of our lives sleeping, but lately that sleep doesn't seem to come so easily. When it does, it's often filled with vivid, bizarre dreams and nightmares. It's a sign of the times. We're living through extremely trying times and it's no wonder we're having trouble sleeping. We can see it in the numbers of people getting enough sleep - 5% fewer unemployed people are getting regular sleep than their still-employed counterparts. In short, the stress is making us sleepless.

But it's also more important than ever to get regular sleep. Sleep is a crucial piece of immunity, and our immune systems can't function at their best without regular, adequate sleep. Fortunately there are some steps you can follow to help you get better sleep. Learn all about the power of sleep and how to get more of it from the infographic below.


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