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Challenge: NICU Parenting


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In preparation to give birth we all have a plan. Unfortunately sometimes the unexpected happens which causes us to deviate from the plan. The day came when it was time for me to go into labor I was told to head to labor and delivery due to my amniotic fluid being low. I was induced labor begin and it baby's heart rate dropped dramatically which led to an emergency C-section. Upon her arrival she was immediately rushed to the NICU. She was not able to maintain her body temperature and she was hypoglycemic. I spent majority of my Hospital stay going back and forth between her room and mine. Then that day came they were discharging me but not my baby. In 2008, my son passed away due to SIDS and I remember leaving the hospital with an empty car seat. Suddenly that feeling flooded back to me, I felt sick to my stomach, and burst into tears. How can I leave my baby here? We were supposed to leave together. The nurse assured me that she would be fine and they will take good care of her. That's exactly what they did! I am forever grateful to the NICU nurses and doctors that took such great care of my baby and ultimately helped her be able to come home I couldn't have done it without you!!

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