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Newborn Sleep Tips You Can Use To Get More Sleep Today!

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Are you a new parent and don't know how to put your newborn baby to sleep? Each baby is different, so we have to go little by little knowing it well and experimenting with certain tricks to see if they work. Parents have to accustom our baby to certain routines and know her sleep rhythm well in order to get our newborn to sleep peacefully and peacefully.


8 tips to put a newborn baby to sleep

Newborn babies have to sleep their hours, when they are so young they usually sleep all day. The quality of sleep is very important for the baby's mood and for his health. Next we are going to help you with 10 tips to promote correct habits in our newborn baby.

1. Night baby feeding

If our baby wakes up at night, we should try to make him a bottle before going to sleep to get him to sleep as long as possible.

2. Wrap your baby

Newborn babies have an innate reflex that makes them feel that they are falling, for this reason we can wrap our baby to sleep better and more hours. This technique is perfect for babies between or 4 months.

3. Avoid many naps during the day

We must avoid that our baby takes many naps during the day, we know that it is a complicated task, but we must try to keep our baby active as long as possible so that the nights are better.

4. Don't make a lot of noise

It is said that it is important for the baby to get used to sleeping with noise but sometimes this task is quite complicated since not all babies are the same. What we can use is a sound that is not loud but constant in order to relax our baby.

5. Nap and sleep routines

Routines are essential in the life of our babies, that is why it is important to create nap and sleep routines. The sleep routine can be accompanied by a relaxing bath, a massage, a story, lots of love, and white noise.

6. Change diaper before bed

Babies are continually defecating and urinating, for this reason to prolong our baby's sleep it is important to change his diaper before putting him to sleep.

7. Over stimulate your baby

To get our baby to sleep and put him to sleep, it is important to overstimulate him so that he gets tired and falls asleep at the moment of sleep.

8. Put the baby to sleep alone

When we have a newborn baby, we must accustom him to laying him down in the crib and letting him go to sleep alone. We know that sometimes this is impossible since we depend on the baby and other factors such as colic. Also if he wakes up at night, the baby will not need anyone and will go back to sleep alone.

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