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Challenge: Bullying Hurts

-My 'Wife'-

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Today my wife was a witch!
I told her to clean our house but she spent the time talking to her friends instead.
I shouted at her and told her to sort it out. I'm sick to death of telling her!
She did it but it's still not done properly!
I've told her she's not going out with her friends this weekend now.
If she can't be bothered to do the simple things I've told her to, why should she get to do nice things?!

Today I smacked my wife.
She got really upset because I refused to buy her some chocolate. I'm sick of her acting like a spoiled brat.
She does this all the time, so I gave her something to cry about.

Tonight my wife is driving me mad.
She actually expects me to come to bed and lie with her.
How ridiculous! Doesn't she realise I need time to myself away from her?
She said she thought she heard someone downstairs. I told her not to be so damned stupid and to go to sleep. It's past 8 o'clock for goodness sake.
It's her bedtime!
She keeps saying she doesn't want to sleep, she's not tired apparently.
She'll just have to learn!
She's crying now.
I'm just going to ignore her, if I give her attention she will never learn!

For godsake.
The silly bugger just fell over.
I TOLD her to stop standing on the chair.
She has noone else to blame but herself!
I've told her to get up and stop being soft, we all know it was more of a shock than anything else.
She's just carrying on for attention now.

Today my wife got a disciplinary at work. She said it's the management picking on her.
I'm not having this crap.
She called the manager a tw*t!
I told her that until she can sort out her attitude she can't watch TV and I've confiscated her phone.
She won't be having any money either! I'm not having a disrespectful wife!


This made you feel furious, right?

Now please read this again and change the scenario from 'wife' to 'child'...

Do you still feel that angry?

Why is it so generally acceptable to treat a child this way, when we would NEVER find it ok for an adult?


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