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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

My Top 7 Goals for 2016

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Top 7 Goals for 2016.. Or 2017..

1.. Stop doing the same load of laundry 4 times because I forgot to put it in the dryer.
2.. Get the laundry out of the dryer before I start the 4th load of the same clothes..
3.. Start Christmas shopping in April.
4.. Go through my kids book bags daily instead of weekly.. Or monthly
5.. Make dinner (something other than cereal and tic tacs)
6.. Put gas in my car before the light comes on.. (Because I'm pretty sure God is tired of hearing.. "Please God, if I make it this time.. it won't happen again.")
7.. Start making lists, so I can make one trip to the grocery store a week, instead of 8.

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