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My Toddler Broke Two Cell Phones

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Have you ever had your child get a hold of your cell phone without your knowledge? They somehow sneak it out of your bag and begin exploring the device curiously. At first, it doesn’t seem like you should be alarmed. Yet, the moment you turn your head and look back, your phone looks as if it has been through battle. The front is covered in drool, riddled with bite marks, or smashed in from your little one dropping it on the ground. You rescue your phone from their hands only to find that they’ve made 20 calls and sent 5 weird text messages to your contacts trying to start a game.

If only there was some way to protect your phone from your toddler. Short of hiding it from them, it may seem like there’s nothing much you can do. Well, after having to pay for a replacement phone twice, I realized there had to be a solution out there. Turns out, there are ways to shield your smartphone from your kids, and it boils down to choosing the right phone cases. Below, are a few features that may interest you:

  • Durability - One of the biggest problems I had with my child and the smartphone is dropping and throwing the device. I’d find my phone on all types of surfaces cracked, chipped, and malfunctioning. So, when looking for a case, try to find one that has been tested and is durable enough to withstand the swing of a 2-4-year-old.

  • Drop Proof - A case that is designed to prevent dropping altogether is a winner for most parents. They have new smartphone case designs that strive to do just that. There are cases that have finger holes or handles on the back or side of them. This way, if your child is using the phone to play a game, they are less likely to drop it.

  • Play Proof - Smartphones are great forms of entertainment for small children. They can play learning games on the phone while you wait at the doctor's, take a car ride, or shop for groceries. However, if you’ve ever had to explain the weird text messages or phone calls your contacts may have received from your child, you know why you need a case that offers more protection. There are actually cases designed to allow children to play without having access to important buttons like the home, volume, and power buttons.

  • Drool Proof - Give a one-year-old your phone for a few minutes and chances are it will be a slobbery mess when you get it back. As you know, too much water entering the device could cause permanent damage. So, invest in a phone case that is waterproof. There are also more advanced mobile phone cases that not only protect the phone but double as a teething ring so your tiny tot isn’t gnawing on your phone.

  • Storage - This feature is more for convenience than it is to protect your phone against your baby, however, it's great to have. Smartphone cases that double as storage for your credit cards, cash, and keys are also great. They help you to keep the most important things nearest to you when you need them.

When you put small children and electronics together, something is bound to happen. I’ve gone through everything from having a cracked screen to have to place my phone in a bowl of rice to dry out the slobber left behind. Whether your little ones play with the phone for entertainment or somehow find your phone no matter where you try to hide it, these features mentioned above will ensure that the phone stays safe.

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