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Challenge: Summer Fun

My Seven and Six Year Old Planned Our Summer and It's Not So Bad

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This summer instead of stressing over planned activities and summer enrichment programs to fill every day with, I decided that my kids should plan their summer. Aside from one short program I enrolled them in, their summer was in their hands.

I asked my 7 and 6 year old what they wanted to do this summer and this is what they wrote down in five minutes. I had a little anxiety of what they would request and if I could actually follow through with it! In my head I am thinking they wanted Disneyland, Hawaii, and all these extravagant outings. Or worse, they would want to stay home and watch TV and play with electronics the whole time. Who knows where their imaginations would take them.

I loved what they wrote:

Summer Bucket List

The only thing I had them add was what they wanted to learn. They wanted to improve their swimming skills and how to play poker. Totally doable on the swimming. Thank you swim classes but yikes on the poker! I guess we will all learn poker together.


I am so glad I had them do this. We have been able to check off some of the activities on the lists already. The best part? They planned this and I totally avoided the "Awww...why do we have to....." whining!

What do your summer bucket lists look like? Anyone know how to teach kids poker? Drop me a line.

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