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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

My Resolution: Encouraging Kids To Play Sports

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Good parenting skills are not just about controlling your child to do your bidding; sometimes it also includes giving the young one some much-needed space. Academics, athletics, and other extra-curricular activities are the three most important factors influencing the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a child.

It is unfortunate how kids today prefer staying holed up in their rooms or in front of the TV instead of going out and playing with their friends. These children later grow up to be depressed, lethargic adults who spend their days slogging off at the office.

Discussed below are some practical reasons as to why playing outdoors is beneficial for your kid:

Kids Who Play Regularly Are Happier

Kids today have to deal with many issues such as exams, peer pressure resulting in a lot of physiological problems such as anxiety and depression. Sports or any form of physical activity is the best way to de-stress and vent out all the frustration and aggression. Therefore, kids who indulge in athletics tend to be happier when compared to those who are not.

Staying Active Boosts The Child’s Physical Growth

Problems like obesity, sleeping disorders, chronic body aches are common among kids who stay indoors and avoid playing any strenuous physical sports. Going out to play daily improves muscle growth and strengthens the bones contributing to the overall physical growth of the child.

Athletic Kids Are Smarter And More Attentive

Sports is just not about strengthening the physical body and stimulating the growth of your baby. Games such as chess, basketball, cricket involve a lot of planning and concentration. Also being a part of any sports club or team teaches children the value of punctuality and multitasking as they have to manage both their studies and athletics.

Scientific studies have repeatedly proven how indulging in sports can improve a child’s grades and academic performance making them smarter and much more attentive.

Improves Your Kid’s Socialization Skills

Encouraging your son to enroll in some athletic activities teaches him the value of teamwork and cooperation. Also, playing outdoors build a child’s self -esteem and willpower, as they are better prepared to face the obstacles life will throw at them later. Engagement in recreational and casual games, right from beach volleyball to fast paced gaming, liberates the mind, and helps people socialize.

The bottom line

Playing games is a significant factor contributing to the child’s well-being. Remember, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

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