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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

My Number One Go To Indoor Activity for Kids

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Winter break. The pure sound of which can cause many parents to go into a paw patrol ridden panic. And while keeping the kids entertained the half of the year where it’s too cold to even look out your window is no easy feat, I have a game for you today that is guaranteed to spare you at least 30 minutes of pup pup boogie.

And all you need is painters tape!


I present my Indoor Obstacle Course. Filled with skill building movements your developing little one craves and so much fun they will forget they are ‘working out’.


Below I have pictures of my recent course. I try to include lines to hop from, dots to tip toes, curves, zig zags, and lines to walk backwards. I ended with a star at the end to hop on and I think that was the biggest hit of all. The kids took turns seeing who could hop the highest/ hardest and so on. Once you have let the kids have fun just going through the course, you can mix it up and time them (I would recommend timing them against their own previous time, and not anyone else’s). Or changing the ‘rules’ by walking backwards when they normally walked forwards and such.


And my favorite part of this game? The clean up is fun! The kids loved tearing up tape and throwing it away. No mess and nothing left on the carpets. In fact, it probably had a lint roller affect more than anything






(My running blur)

We also tried a Christmas themed “present hopscotch if you will!


So there you have it!

Let me know if you liked this and would like to see more indoor game options!

I hope you all have a healthy happy meltdown free winter break

Love always,


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