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My much-loved beauty pick-me-ups for mums

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It’s fair to say the pre-baby beauty routine takes a back seat when you have children. Both spare time and spare hands become very limited (mine did, much to my dismay). Some things I am still evangelical about doing, like using hot cloth cleansers even when I’m exhausted and having a shower every day, even on the terrible days – it’s makes everything better, doesn’t it? Other things take more time, like straightening my super curly hair (hello dry shampoo and messy buns).

Getting a facial: Facials can be beneficial or ineffectual, depending on the skin therapist performing your facial, what exactly they are using, and what they are doing to your skin. The reality is that facial treatments are not compulsory for healthy skin, but for a lot of people, and when done right, facials can help you achieve healthy and glowing skin. In my youth, I battled with acne until I literally found the best acne treatment in UK.

Painting your nails: Painted fingernails are like a badge of honour for mums. They say ‘look at me! I actually had time to paint them, let them dry and not get them smudged by either a child or going to bed early.’ Everything looks great with a bright colour – from pushing someone on the swing to cleaning up after the kids.

Drinking water: I know it’s easy to reach for the caffeine when you’re exhausted – you’ll often find me four cups of tea down by 8am – but water is so much better. It’ll wake you up, do brilliant things to your body and make you feel more…magical.

Putting on mascara: I can’t think of many days I’ve not worn at least one coat, as it opens your tired eyes and makes everything better (especially if you’re very pale, like my very pale self).

Bright lipstick colour: After years of people telling me bright colours don’t suit me, I now wear it everywhere – coffee shops, supermarket and around the house. It takes seconds to put on but makes me feel instantly all-conquering, and distracts from my tired face.

What are your much-loved beauty pick-me-ups?

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