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Challenge: Parent Fails

My Many Mommy Fails

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All mommies make mistakes, and aside from my life-fail with hubby's car this weekend (and forgetting my bra, again...) I have also had my share of mommy-fails and I seem to be having more than usual lately!

Most recent mommy-fails:

Instead of waking my 3 year old to go to big sister's ballet class like I do most Wednesdays, I gently took her from her bed directly to the car thinking it would be an easier transition—wrong! She screamed, flailed and I had to force her into her car seat. It wasn’t until we got to the dance studio that she informed me I forgot her shoes. MOMMY-FAIL!

Shopping at Target with a mommy friend, I was nursing the baby in my sling. When he finished I sat him up but didn’t readjust him in the sling. He reached for something and fell right out, luckily I grabbed him by the foot and pliéd to catch him on my legs before he crashed to the floor. MOMMY-FAIL (but good save!)

My boss asked me at the last minute if I could sub for her at another dance studio and I said sure. I arranged to have my aunt watch the kids and then realized it was my daughter's gymnastics day (we had just changed—minor Mommy-fail). I switched cars with my aunt so she could do the gymnastics run and I got to the studio 40 minutes away and realized the studio key was on my car keys. MOMMY-FAIL! (Luckily one of the students had a key as well!)

IMAG0272 I decided to take my mom and the kids out for lunch a few weeks ago but when we got to the restaurant, the entire area was closed for an arts festival. Then the next weekend we went away for spring break and when we got near the hotel, we saw the street it was on was closed for an arts festival as well. DOUBLE (and freakishly odd) MOMMY-FAIL!

The last time we went to Disney before the baby was born, I forgot to bring underwear for my 3 year old. I also forgot to bring pants for myself (I wore a dress in the car). MOMMY-FAIL!

At the baby's one-month well-check, I realized after weighing him I only had 1 diaper in the diaper bag. I changed him into the clean one and he immediately made a huge poo. Because I didn’t have another one, the doctor had to check him over in a nasty poo diaper (yes doctor, this is my third baby…) MOMMY-FAIL!

DSC00178 (2)

While racing for the train on St. Patrick's Day right after moving to Dublin, I stepped on the wheels of the buggy and broke a wheel off. And we almost missed the train. MOMMY-FAIL!

Our last few months in Dublin we decided to take a trip to visit a friend in London and borrowed a friend's buggy. The day we were set to return it, we missed the bus so my poor little 3 year old had to walk 2 miles to the train station. MOMMY-FAIL!

I let the girls run around the fountain at Disney and get soaking wet only to get back to the car and realize the bag of extra clothes I had packed was left behind at the hotel. MOMMY-FAIL!

The first two times we took our toddle out in Dublin, she peed through her clothes and I didn't bring extras so had to buy something. Twice! MOMMY-FAIL!

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