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My life as a student and a mom

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It’s no secret that your life has changed drastically since you had a baby. Even though your priorities have completely shifted, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about yourself. You still need to focus on yourself. If you want to go back to school and earn a diploma, then you should do it by all means. It may not be easy, but you’ll get through it if you make a good plan. Here are some tips for going back to school after having a baby.

Enlist the Help of Others

Even if both you and your partner are excellent parents, you will still need help from friends and family member if you want to raise a child. Don’t feel embarrassed or guilty when calling someone to ask for their help. Make sure that both your family member and friends know that you want to go back to school and how much earning a diploma means to you. If they truly care about you, they will help whenever they’re able to.

Keep in mind that you should try and meet other people who’re in similar situations when you’re at school. Chances are that you have at least a few classmates who’ve recently had babies. They completely understand the position you’re in, and will always help you out when it comes to babysitting. Of course, you should make sure to return the favor whenever you can.

Stop Feeling Guilty

You’ve just recently had a baby and now you’re going to be spending less time at home in order to pursue educational and career endeavors. Although this may sound selfish, it’s crucial that you don’t feel guilty about the decision you’re making. Know that you’re doing this to provide a better future for your children. Remember that it’s not like you won’t see your baby at all. You can still both spend quality time with your child every day and go to school.

Consider Online Courses

In order to master certain subjects, you can always try doing some online courses. Even if you have that certain subject in school but want to improve your knowledge because you want to build a career in that field, eLearning is a great option for getting a firmer grasp on the topic. Nevertheless, it’s important to choose the ones that will really help you learn the topic at hand.

Some of the best online courses that you can find today feature adaptive learning algorithms which detect what your strengths and weaknesses are. By gathering this information, the course changes and adapts according to your weak areas. Since you won’t be able to ask your professor for guidance and help, it’s a good idea to have a course customized specially for you. No matter what you want to learn, there’s a good chance that an adaptive learning course exists for it. For example, if you want to become an enrolled agent, you can find the perfect course here.

Know Your Limits

Don’t feel obligated to finish school in the shortest time period possible. If you go to school, work, take online courses, and take care of your kids, you’re going to feel burnt out sooner or later. This may affect both your personal and professional life negatively. Remember that there is no shame in taking your time to earn a degree.

Schedule Everything

You’re going to have a lot more responsibilities than most of your classmates, which is why you need to schedule everything in order to make it work. It’s important to write everything down everything you have to do. If you don’t make a proper plan for handling your responsibilities, you’re going to struggle both at school and at home.

Take Advantage of Your Free Time

Free time is hard to come by when you have a newborn. However, this is why you need to take advantage of every minute you have for studying or online learning. For example, the perfect time to study is when your baby is sleeping, either during the day or evening. If you have an important exam or paper coming up, you can ask your partner or friends for additional to support so that you have enough free time to prepare properly. Note that whenever you have free time, you should stay focused on studying instead of just procrastinating, watching TV, or wasting time on social media.

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