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My kids will always take precedence

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My kids will always take precedence.

Above all else.

Above anyone else.

And that's what the world needs to know about me as a human, woman, and mom.

That no matter what I do outside of my sacred role as a birther and raiser of three of God's gifts to this universe, those children of mine, they will NEVER not come first.

So if I'm your employee and you are my employer, and my kid is sick, I'm off to nurse them back to health - with or without your blessing or understanding.

If I'm your friend and we have plans, and my child is the reason I need to cancel those plans, I'm sorry, but so be it.

If my dreams are calling but so are my kids, there's no question that their's is the call I'm going to answer.

If I've got to make a choice, and any or all of minis are on the side of one of them, you can bet your arse that's where mine is unapologetically headed.

And if there's one other thing you need to know about this proud mama bear, it's that I'm hellbent on raising cubs who value family and themselves and who know that, above all else, that's what truly matters.

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