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My kids fears at 9 years of age

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Now we get in some phase at my boy that he entered in 9 years and started to face with some fears and also lies started to come in below the front door :)

I want to share this with you one situation and hope that we handled quite well.

Hope maybe you will give us some wisdom.

I get sick before 1 month which involved medical help,hospitals--I don't want to bother with details but only with fact that my boy was aware in full what's going on and I noticed some changes in the mood and behavior at my boy in the same period.

I thought is just an easy phase but it turns out that I was wrong.

The whole so-called "phase" of my boy was lasting about 1 week.

I had to turn on some of my old books from university days to define what the problem.

After several talks with him, I found out that we were scared about my health, that I will be held in the hospital or even worst that I will die.

It was really surprising for me because I thought that his "psychology" was only interested in playing on his mobile or Xbox and school works and after classes.

But it turns out that I'm wrong.

The most present fears at kids with age from 7+ up to 14 years mainly is if parent get sick or some sudden tragedy happens.

I will not go into of each part but it appears that the kids on this age appear to become more aware of the environment and people who are close to them.

I know is quite tough to explain to a kid what is death to some on who he loves, but the approach of stating facts and gathering those facts together with your child can ease the process of forming an opinion about some matter as is death and natural catastrophes which can cause the deaths of someone close.

The same if the parent is sick, you must start playing the game of facts and all must be true. Don't tell lies. Kids know when you are lying you.:)

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