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Challenge: Get organized!

My Favorite Design and Organization Hacks for Your Small Space

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Have you ever felt that your home’s square footage—or lack thereof—was keeping you from getting organized?

As a professional organizer, I’ve heard and seen it all. “I could be organized if…

  • pantry was larger.”
  • closet layout was different.”
  • ...I had more storage closets.”
  • kids would help out.”
  • ...I had room to add products like I see on Pinterest.”

And while I can’t help to change the footprint of your home, there are many ways that design and organization can help to maximize the usable (and visual) space in your home. Take a peek at the tips below and let me know which design and organizing hacks you are going to use to transform your small space. I promise you that even the smallest hacks can be life changing and change the way that you live and operate in your small space.


Image Source: Erin Williamson Design


  1. Choose quality over quantity in every inch of your home. From your TV stand to the clothes hanging in your closet, we recommend investing in items that are true to your style, your space, and your needs. When dealing with a small space, each inch of the home is valuable real estate and should only be filled with items that add personality and function, not clutter.
  2. Edit regularly. Simply put: there just isn't enough space for it all. Small space dwellers need to sift through the drawers, cabinets, and hidden areas (like under the bed and deep in storage bins) to weed out any items that are no longer needed, wanted, or functioning.
  3. Invest in double-duty pieces. Regardless of your budget, don't lie swayed to choose single purpose pieces as the staples of your home. When possible, opt for items that can add value (i.e. extra storage) to your home. For example, choose an entry table with drawers or shelving, and go vertical with your choices to maximize floor space.
  4. Add color and texture with purpose. Decorative accents can make a room look and feel more finished, but when you're in a small space it can quickly feel like your swimming in clutter. Use functional pieces as an opportunity to bring in your personality and a little more flavor. For example, consider covering your books with patterned paper to add a pop of color and act more as an art statement, or swap out your plain vase for a fun piece that can double as decor in between blooms.
  5. Get creative with your storage. When your living in tight quarters, make sure to maximize the the storage in your room. The back of doors, under the bed, and wall space are valuable real estate. Storage bins and boxes come in every design under the sun and price point, so find options that meet your aesthetic and add to the design of your room.

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