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My Family's Journey With Essential Oils

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I had never even heard about Essential Oils until about eight years ago.

When he was about 18 months old my daughter’s son, Creed, had multiple seizures where he would unexpectedly pass out and fall on the floor.

The best doctors at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and All Children’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida could never find the cause of his seizures.

Finally, the doctors wanted to keep Creed overnight so that they could run tests on him. I remember pushing him around the lobby of the Children’s Hospital in a little car.


He was so brave when they attached dozens of probes to his head, so that they could monitor his brain activity.


It broke my heart when they put a strobe light right in his eyes to try to induce a seizure. Despite all the tests, the best doctors couldn’t find the cause for his seizures.

My daughter Jennifer began doing lots of research, trying to find solutions for Creed’s health problems.

She first heard about Essential Oils when she was looking for recipes for natural cleaning products so she could remove all the chemicals from their household.

The next time she encountered Essential Oils happened one night when Creed was having some respiratory discomfort.

Jennifer didn’t know what to do for him, because she knew he was allergic to all the common solutions.
She messaged a friend of hers from her church who is a pharmacist.

She gave him a long list of over the counter products that Creed couldn’t have and asked for his recommendation.

He suggested that she get some Oregano Essential Oil, dilute it and rub it on the bottoms of Creed’s feet.

She thought he was CRAZY but she tried it, and Creed had relief very quickly.

Being the eternal skeptic, she thought it was just a coincidence.

The next time Creed was experiencing similar discomfort, she brought out the Oregano Essential Oil again and saw the same results.

Jennifer and her husband Kyle began to research the benefits and uses of essential oils. They came to believe that essential oils could be an answer to their prayers for some natural solutions for home cleaning products, laundry products, personal care products, and wellness.

They began to integrate essential oils into every area of their lives and have seen lots of great benefits.

They changed Creed's diet and began applying Frankincense along his spine daily.

His seizures stopped and he is a happy healthy nine-year-old!

It took my wife and I several years of watching our kids and grandkids benefit from Essential Oils before we started using them in 2015.

Now four generations of our family use Essential Oils on a daily basis and I teach Chiropractors how to incorporate Essential Oils into their practices.

If you're looking for natural solutions for your family's healthcare I encourage you to investigate essential oils.

Look for oils that are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Get a resource book like Modern Essentials or Oil Life to learn specific uses and protocols.

I hope essentials oils are as big of a blessing to your family as they have been to mine!

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