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Challenge: Romance After Kids

My Evergreen Romance Story

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Most of you think alike and yearn to rejuvenate the love life even after kids. I am lucky to save my love and trust me you have more fun with your spouse only after kids. Many times, it has happened to be a misconception that romance dries out after having children. Romance never dries or dies until the end and I am enjoying my life with wife and kids. You too can and believe me I am not exaggerating to pen my thoughts here. I would really want to share my success with you all and make your life a pleasant one in present and forever.

I am sure you feel excited to know my secret towards a romantic life with my spouse. Trust me as I am eager too to share my joy with you all. I am not a cinematic romantic hero, but a typical middle-class person but with all emotions. My fire within me is always alive that kindles my romance towards my wife. Also, I need to appreciate my wife for supporting me and keeping our love alive.

We have also felt frustrated in life, and that was the time we decided to spice up our romance, and here you go with our story. Soon after marriage, we felt great and excited to enjoy every bit of life and were glad that we are made for each other. Slowly responsibilities tightened our neck. We started mechanically doing things. You do this, and I do this kind. The first feel of doing things alone made us feel irritated. Do you think, romance stays alive just with sex, then you’re wrong. But also being together and sharing work. When I mean sharing, it is not like how we did in the beginning soon after family responsibility threatened us. But, this time we decided to take care of kid together. Do household work along with the kid.

Yes, I decided to leave her sleep in the morning with the kid and wake her with a cup of coffee. It worked more than a kiss would do in love life. Many of us think otherwise that is only kissing and saying I love you to make a romantic experience. But caring for the other and helping on-time will equal tons of kiss. That does not mean we did not make time for intimacy. Let me go back to coffee and let you know our way of living. I am thrilled that I still feel my sixteen’s and my love for her is evergreen. I always allowed her to wake up at her pace and start with her work. Girls love to get ready without any hurry, and that made the magic in our life. She is always grateful to me for letting her sleep a little while. Then we proceed to work and again meet in the evening.

Hey, one thing I forgot to tell, I have always made sure to find a house close to her office and never let her commute long. Yes, I drop her in office, kids in daycare, school, etc. This is another relief for my lovely lady to get dropped chit-chatting with me in the car. You must agree that ladies love to talk and they need a patient listener and I do that to keep her tempo alive.

Still, I know we have lived a busy life, and I helped her in the morning and dropped her in office. But where is romance in this? You must understand that this small act of mine will get me loads of love from her. She will make sure to text me during the day, and I respond too. No excuse whatsoever is the reason to text your wife. Feel good and say “I LOVE YOU” and be her romantic hero always. Many of you miss here thinking that after marriage and kids there is no need to tell the love and it is understood. But it is not true always as you brush your teeth, take a bath to keep your body clean, express your love to your partner to keep the heart pumping.

Now, I do a thing differently to keep my romance alive, and you must know that too. Just make sure you can wind up from office early at least twice a week and take her out. Don’t worry kids are in the school or daycare and they are safe. You need to be responsible, did I say no to it, but your wife needs your time too. She always yearns for private time and hence I spend time with her for an hour or two before we pick the kids. We reach home to put things in place, teach our kids, prepare and eat dinner. My wife is a super mom when it comes to grooming my kids. She doesn't expect a certificate or appreciation to be the best mom. All I have to do is to make sure to involve her in the talks and pull her legs every now and then. She feels good to be drawn by me and does not feel the cooking job monotonous.

Finally comes our time and the night time. We make sure to put our junior to sleep early and on-time. It does not mean we rush to have sex, but a hug and a physical intimacy will undoubtedly recharge your battery for the entire next day. I never sleep early, and I practiced it the hard way. Yes, when I was a boy, the freedom to relax first was always there. I consciously sacrificed that, and after kids sleep, we both watched some program together, discussed office happenings, exchanged views, and sometimes disagreed as well. But never drag that to a fight, and I always ease down and calm her too. My unique quality to hold her gave me success. In the end, we may have some intimacy, and I swear my whole day activity itself keeps our romance active and just not this act.

Lastly, yes, my girl gives me in multifold for whatever I give. So you must try my way in your style to keep your love life active not just after having kids but even after you become grandparents.

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