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My daughters won't remember....

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My daughters won’t remember every...

Meal I cooked
Mess I cleaned
Load of laundry I did
Crumb I swept

They won’t remember every time we…

Laughed so hard our bellies hurt
Watched a magical show
Snuggled on the couch reading
Shared a smile
Giggled at an inside joke
Held hands
Played dolls
Kissed each other
Hugged so tightly that we never wanted to let go

They won’t remember every
cookie we baked
ice cream treat we ate
birthday party wish they made
Christmas cookie we decorated
Meal we shared

They won’t remember every place we went….
The zoo
The carnival
All of the after school activities
The beach
The playgrounds
The library
Day trips, vacations and everything in between...

They won’t remember every time I watched them…
Sing songs
Sleep so soundly
Perform at school
Play patty cake
Wiggle a tooth
Do dance lessons and recitals
Do new tricks—Cartwheels & Flips
Learn to swim
Put on shows together
Learn new things

They won’t remember every time I …
Kissed their boo boo
Stared at their face in wonder
Listened when their heart was hurting
Took care of them when they were sick
Carried them in my arms
Rocked them to sleep
Swept the hair out of their eyes

They won’t remember so many fleeting beautiful moments, and even if I try my hardest neither will I.

But they will remember feeling loved….

And I will remember the joy they brought me.

Motherhood is a million fleeting moments held together by a permanent love—And I am so very thankful.

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