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My Daughter Is 16 Today

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When they say “they grow up so fast”, it’s hard to grasp the full meaning of the quote unless one’s actually gone through raising a child and everything that comes with that. Every time the calendar marks another year, I feel a strong sense of pride, yet at the same time, a creeping sadness that comes with the realization that my little one is not that little anymore, and that she’ll soon be taking on the world all by herself.

A Gift with a Meaning

Choosing a meaningful present at this age is not that easy. It might seem like a straightforward choice, but I’ve been banging my head against the wall trying to come up with something that will leave a lasting impression, instead of some gimmick. In the end, a diamond tennis bracelet caught my eye and it ended up a perfect fit on her hand, bringing a huge smile to her face!

I think the more important part about that present was the note I attached to the bracelet though, as I took the opportunity to share some things about the way I saw our relationship, things that I’ve been meaning to share for a long time but couldn’t find a way to express properly. I think these moments are a perfect opportunity for letting some of those emotions out in a constructive way.


Of course, the present is not the most important thing in these cases, but it’s still nice to show that you care about your little ones more than the average parent. And when it becomes difficult to pick gifts based on a meaningful functional aspect – as it often is at this age, I find myself reverting to the simplest ideas, and they tend to actually work quite well.

Building a Lasting Relationship

However, I’d say that it’s still important to pay attention to your conversations with them, especially as they get less frequent. It’s not hard to figure out what he or she wants or needs in their life, but it does take an attentive approach and a good enough relationship. The good news is, these things can contribute to a lasting relationship more than you might imagine, and this kind of behavior can help you build something that’s going to get better and better in the long run.

Many parents think they have it right in this regard, but does anyone really know for sure? I know I don’t. I’m still confused over where this is going and how well I’ll be able to support my daughter in the long run, but I know that I’ll put in all the effort I can. After all, we only get one shot at this.

Maybe next year I’ll get her something to match that bracelet? Or perhaps I’ll save that for the more special occasion of her 18th birthday. Who knows, I’ll have to keep poking her for help throughout the year until I hopefully get some meaningful hints. She can be quite difficult in this regard at times, but what child isn’t?

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