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My child is shy. How do I help?

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At some children are still seen in the first years of existence certain shyness, withdrawal. They feel better around parents and will little socialize with strangers. Other children start as a very sociable child in the early years, but once broaden its family environment and are starting school or kindergarten; they change their behavior and become very timid and detained.

If you have a shy child, begins to help him as soon as possible:


Don’t encourage their shy

For example, some parents talk about how shy the child is along him. He may interpret it as a special quality, which will naturally want to strengthen but no way to escape it. Even if you talk about shyness in a reproachful way, the child may tend to solidify shy to show us that it is not out of it.

Praise him when he takes the initiative

Encouraging good behavior and try not to observe those that are very shy, we will help him to be directed to constructive behavior. Without realizing, he will gain confidence in his ability to do different things.

Strengthens his confidence in himself

This is done through discussion, by observing the behavior of the child and apprehends the things that give us permission to do assessments to his address. Do not try to lie or trick him by using general words meaningless, because the baby will feel it.

He needs confidence and for this he really needs your support. Be there, because he needs you not to do things in his place, but to give confidence that he can do it alone. Many children become shy just to not lose the connection, physics contact with a parent.

If the environment is very hostile, maybe it’’s good to make some changes. For example, if the child is in a class that already is ridiculed by all his colleagues and feels too young and shy to handle, do not force him to be what it he is not. Changing class and adjusting at the same time behavior he can gain confidence.

Talk openly with him on his timidity

Encourage him to see things in a different way. When you”re small, everything seems a disaster and suffering is bigger. Do not ridicule his emotions, just trying to help him to see himself in a little different way.

Tell Life Stories

It does not even have to be all true. For children, the stories are very important and often find in them the resources to make the changes they need. Hang on to do these things in his rhythm and do not scary to lose him if becomes too independent. You are and will be always be his parent and will always need you.

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