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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

My child hood gave me a false perception of mum life.

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I love thinking back about birthdays and holidays when I was a kid. I have GREAT parents who have given me amazing memories and I love them for that.

When it was my birthday, we got invites from the news agency, a cake from asda and we had all our family there. My mum was relaxed, she cooked food, we gave out sweet bags at the end and it was fun.

Easter, we woke up, stayed in our pj's and went looking all over the house for our eggs, Christmas day was actually on Christmas day...

I wanted to be a mum just like mine. I still do. She made mum life look easy.

BUT its 2020 and I just can’t keep up with the Kardashians.

I want to, my god I would love to but I can’t, I’ve tried man, boy have i tried but - nup.

Birthdays there is a pressure to be “mum enough” the invites aren’t simple, they set the tone for the “event” or “extravaganza” you will hold for your Child's 3rd birthday.

Yes the kids wake up and open the presents but now i’m going to need to get a photo of the set up first which may have balloons, a bird release, floating sequins , backdrops and possibly a choir performance for your entrance.

The cake is going to need to be at least two tiers, rotate and moneys going to roll out of it. The food needs to be insta worthy and most importantly the gift bags aka lolly bags, must include some sort of wooden personalized toy.

Easter has a whole new level of excitement now, we have custom organic fabric bags with our names printed, we have an Easter dress and our chocolates aren’t just chocolates anymore. There are eggs which we can fill with gifts, like Christmas, only its Easter...

Christmas, now Christmas is not just one day, I repeat, NOT JUST ONE DAY, Christmas starts on December 1st. You’ve gotta get the Elf on the shelf and it’s important to find new amazing ways to present the little sucker each morning to outdo the elf post you did yesterday. Christmas eve we have Christmas eve boxes which are like full of things I used to get on Christmas day. Its hard work to be a mum these days, the pressure is on and social media is always there to remind you, to mum up. I don’t know mum, did you have all this pressure and you made it look easy or is it just totally different now?

I can only imagine how extra things will be when I have grand kids. Either way, my kids are gonna have the woollies mud cake more than likely, I may splash out on some Kmart pj's and paints on Christmas Eve. Easter we get chocolate. I can’t do the elf, my elf’s leg is broken and he’s happy to just stay –on the shelf. Birthdays, I’ll print them at home, go to the tramp park or have a cute thing at home, if your kids invited, they will get a lolly bag or coloring in .

Unless I win lotto – then I’d totally pay for all of the above and I retract all said comments.

Those of you than can keep up, that have got all this going on, I applaud you, I actually do and you are amazing.

But me, I’m OK with being a mum, just like mine - a mum like mine is more than fine.

#mumlife #cantkeepupwiththekardashians

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