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Challenge: NICU Parenting

My angel

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my mom passed in 2009, later became pregnant the year following. From 2004-2009 I lost my whole family and to find out I was pregnant in 2010 made me excited and scared all at the same time. My baby was due in march, unfortunately with the stress and my work made my blood preasure through the roof I had an abruption on dec 27th, 28 weeks preganant. I was rushed into triage and rused for a code blue(cardiac arrest) emergency c-section. Scared out of my mind I just prayed and prayed. When they woke me up, they took me to my beautiful daughter. She was 2.8 lbs, and is my real angel. I had a family again. Spent many days with the bilirubin, feeding tubes, grounded from her pacifier, oxygen, teaching me to breast feed, being my support where I didnt have it. we found it fitting for her name to be angelina. NICU was our angel. They are the superheroes un-noticed. My daughter wouldnt be here if it wasnt for them, and for that im eternally greatful. Having that type of support system in the scariest of moments, they are not only doctors and nurses to your child, you build a life long bond with them. Now with my daughter turning 7 they still remember and remind her of her nicknames and memories of her as a weee little baby. NICU saved my family and I got to keep me real life angel.❤

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