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My adopted son has started to question me about being his father

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Good day to all the lovely parents out there. I am so new at this so please be patient with me if I am out the norm. I am from New York however am currently living in Ecuador where my first son was born and I adopted another one. I have been here for three years and my adopted son, Matias, who is now 9 was told by my mom he is adopted. This is something I have been planning to discuss with him at the right time however ever since my mom told him that he has been different. he now questions everything I do, questions and doubts me about being his father. I can't express the pain i feel seeing him like this especially when I gave up my whole life in the U.S, my family, to be here and raise and support him along with my son. I don't know what to say. His father is a dead beat dad that is locked up in jail for a very long time. I can't tell my son that nor do I want to lose him. When I came here I was a first time father with my gf who already had a son. To keep the family together I adopted her son who I loved dearly. From one day to the next I became a man with no children to a man with two lol and I think I have done a pretty awesome job until now. Any advice, any assistance on the matter would be greatly appreciated. My email is many blessings to all.

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