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Challenge: We love our pets

My 25 year old Cockatiel from Woolworths

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Hi my name is Kristin. I have had alot of different pets through out my life, but their is one pet who would out live them all. His name is Butchie and he is a 25 year old cockatiel. I was a little girl when I received him. I wanted a pet that would only be mine and I wouldn't have to share with my two sisters. My dad and I use to visit a store called Woolworths, and they had everything from animals to toys to buy. I saw this bright yellow bird with rosie red cheeks and new I wanted him. He would be a perfect pet for me to take around everywhere. He actually blended in perfectly with my long blonde hair when he sat on my shoulder. I was bullied alot in school, and so I would sneak Butchie into school with me on my shoulder from elemantry school to highschool. He was my buddy through out the day. He only whistled a couple of times in the hallways. The principals at all the schools I had attended didn't mind at all that Butchie was with me. From their I had gone to college, traveled, got married and now have one year old baby. Butchie has been their with me through it all. My husband and I are a military family so we have traveled all over the country. Butchie has sat through all the long car rides and has moved all over the place with us. He has been friends with all my other pets such as dogs and parakeets who have unfotunatly passed away from old age. He is currently bestfriends with our three year old lab name Lana. He rides her back and likes to cuddle with her. Butchie also loves our daughter as well. I just never thought I would have a life long friend going on 25 years. I know he won't live forever but I am so thankful for his love and loyalty he has given.

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