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Challenge: We love our pets

Mother’s Intuition

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Our Spaniel, Bedi, delivered seven healthy pups Sunday, and I was lucky enough to sit with her through it all. It was miraculous to see the way she knew exactly what to do. No coaching, no motherhood books, no dog-mom-blogs to prepare her for what to expect when she was expecting. I’d like to think she actually understands everything I tell her, but there’s a chance she never even realized she was pregnant. Yet, when the time came, she knew. She snapped right into action. I was in awe of her.

When things calmed down and it was only the nine of us in the quiet, I was overwhelmed with emotion thinking of all I’d gotten to learn from my faithful friend in the hours before.
So often as women- mothers, especially- we seek advice, permission, or instructions about how to live our lives. We look everywhere but within for answers of how to properly navigate every age and stage. We forget to trust ourselves.

I’m grateful to Bedi for reminding me that, no matter how much I may think I am failing at motherhood, I was actually made for it. Our bodies and our hearts were designed to know exactly what to do if we allow ourselves to trust in them. Our intuition is our best resource.

It will be fascinating to watch Bedi and her brood in the weeks to come. I hope observing her maternal instincts will continue to inspire me to check in with mine. So far, I’ve gathered that children need to be warm, fed, clean and loved. That I can do…and, it seems as if nothing else really matters.

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