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Mother's Day, Father's Day: The Coupon I Now Want From My Kids

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We have special days coming soon, Mother’s Day and shortly after that is Father’s Day.

I remember when we were young, my sister's and I would get together and create coupons for things we knew our parents would really appreciate. It was an idea one of our teachers gave us. I'm sure still today, many young people are doing this.

These handmade vouchers were for car-washes, mowing the lawn, cleaning, weeding, making dinner and other extra things that weren't on our chore list.

Now we live in a digital world.

Teens and youth today are usually more cyber-savvy than their parents. Reality is, our kids will always be an app ahead of us, so let's make the best of it on these special days.

Consider asking your kids for a cyber-lesson coupons (30-minutes of their expertise). Maybe you need to finally learn Snapchat (especially if your teen is using it, you should be), or you're not comfortable with all the bells and whistles on your smartphone, it's time to become more in tune with technology.

I'm confident that the majority of parents today are using their cell phones and social apps very limited in comparison to what they offer us. So how can we expand our cyber-skills?

The answer is living in our homes. Our children! The truth is, they likely know more about our digital devices and how to use them, as well as ever social app there is. It's time to learn from them.

Personally, I'm terrible at picture taking. I don't know how to use my phone camera (correctly), the filters, the choices of backgrounds and the fancy stuff people do with them like inserting logos. I'm going to insist my daughter finally tell me how she does all of this. After all, she's a queen of selfies. I say that lovingly.

This can have a dual purpose.

At the same time you are learning from them, you can also learn more about their online life. What is their favorite platform and why? Have they ever been harassed online? Do they know you are always there for them? Do they know how to block and report abuse?

In 2014 I wrote an article for Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) sharing ideas for conversation starters with your kids and social platforms. While you're engaging in your cyber-lesson, use the time to open up the dialogue.

Digital parenting is part of parenting today – but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn from your children too.

So what cyber-skill will you be learning? Share it with your parent friends.

PS: I'm sure your child won't think of this gift, so you may want to ask for it.

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