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Challenge: Open Discussion

Motherhood: Racial Reconciliation

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Let's have hard conversations. It's messy, it's awkward, it's needed.

Racial reconciliation has been on my mind for awhile now. Back in January, I sat down with 3 of my mama friends to discuss motherhood and race for a podcast episode. Motherhood is hard, and it’s our job to have hard conversations in order to know better and do better. Our kids need us to lean into this more.

My friends and I:

Toni – a Filipino woman raised in Africa

Krisler – a black woman raised in multiple states in America

Sarah – a white woman raised in Texas

me – a first generation born American woman, half Mexican, half Arab

Together we discuss how racism affects our conversations with people of a different race, how racism impacts our parenting, and how can we be a part of the solution to end racism.

img_3775.jpgImage by Danielle Coke @ohhappydani

I don’t know if I will see the end of racism in my lifetime, but I do know if we don’t enter the space of befriending those that are different than us, or don’t start having in-person conversations about race, then things won’t change. Do you avoid the topic of race? Does talking about race make you feel uncomfortable? Why? My experience with race is going to look different than yours because of my background and the events that have shaped my life. I want to humbly know what your experience is? As moms, we can pursue understanding, and pursue a dialogue together. Humbly and with grace.

Our children are so observant, and are excellent at mimicking our behavior. What are we doing to be active agents of racial reconciliation? Listen to our conversation on Season 2, Episode 2, and then join us as we learn to know better and do better. Be The Bridge Nonprofit is a great place to start for more resources.

img_3777.jpgImage by Danielle Coke @ohhappydani

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