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Motherhood and Its Victorious Battle

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If you’re a mother, there’s probably days when you question if you’re doing it right. It’s easy for me as a mom to pick apart my flaws and say, “I’m failing at this”. Because motherhood is like a battle field, us versus whatever we’re struggling with. Sometimes it’s the rotten sippy cup you found in the car or forgetting to pack that snack. Sometimes it’s opinions from others or your own self-doubt. Each battle is different, and every warrior is their own type of mom.

I’m the type of mom that has days where tiredness is inevitable. The kind of tired where no matter how much you sleep, you’re still dragging. The tired where your mind and spirit are exhausted, too. I’m the mom that isn’t afraid to say the extra stuff is too much for me, like cutting my child’s sandwich into butterflies or going to the fair after a long work day. And that’s okay, because I’m also the mom whose child is kind, whose family is happy, and whose home is taken care of.

I’m the type of mom that gets overwhelmed and raises her voice, sometimes too often. I’m the mom whose mouth lacks a filter. I’m the mom who regrets her actions and apologizes to her 6-year-old daughter for not having it all together. I’m also the mom who teaches her child that it’s okay to stumble, it’s okay to make mistakes, and what matters is how you work on bettering yourself.

I’m the type of mom that needs a break, never mind that it’s for 5 minutes in the bathroom, with the door locked so her screaming kid can’t barge in. I’m the mom that will pull-over on the way to a birthday party to gather her racing thoughts. I’m the mom that steps back when it becomes too much, so she doesn’t go crazy. I’m also the mom that’s showing her child the importance of self-awareness, and that it’s okay to walk away and take a breather.

I’m the type of mom who’s slaying this battle at motherhood, like all of us. Despite the self-doubt and despite the mistakes and faults. We give motherhood our all, even when we feel like we can’t, even when it’s hard, and even when we think it’s a losing battle.

Because we’re warrior mothers, and in one way or another, we’re always victorious.

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