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Morning Madness: Avoid Messes with Tips from Kids in the House

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Nothing is worse than starting the day off badly, and when the first roadblock occurs the moment you wake up, it might seem as though there isn’t a way to win.

Not so fast.

Getting you and your children from your beds to your destinations doesn’t have to ruin the morning. The fix? Make a plan.

“The best solution is to really think about it beforehand,” said Kids in the House expert, early childhood Education Specialist, and author Janis Keyser, MA. “Make a plan the night beforehand.”

Take into account the nuances of your children’s behavior. Son can’t get up on time? Set an alarm 15 minutes earlier. Daughter can’t figure out what to wear? The night before, choose her outfit together, that way she has input too.

To avoid morning madness, have a schedule for who does what and when. You don’t have to be the only one getting everyone ready.

“Have the kids participate. It is very empowering for them,” said Barbara Turvett, the Working Mother Magazine Executive Editor and Kids in the House expert. “With that being said, kids will be kids, and there will be glitches. You have to know your kids really well, so that you adapt.”

No matter how busy you are, make sure the entire family eats a good breakfast. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sit down before you leave. Figure out how much time you’ll have for the first meal of the day, and then decide what to eat. No time? Pack nutritious snacks the night before so that everyone can eat in the car and arrive well fed.

Try to incorporate something fun. Turvett proposed carving out five minutes to go outside and do an activity like shooting hoops together before going off to school and work. The family time will make everyone feel better.

Most of all, laugh. Take each mistake and mess with a grain of salt and move on with the day. No morning will ever be perfect. Every time that your child shows up at school dressed and fed is a success in and of itself. You got this.

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