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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

Moms live in a constant state of “Hold on.”

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Moms live in a constant state of “Hold on.”

Because when I’m the only one home with the kids, there’s just one of me who still has to take care of ALL of us. That means taking care of me. And taking care of my babes, too.

And there’s no way to keep up with everything they need and want and everything I need and want, so I’ve got to tell someone to “hold on.”

Maybe we say it back to them as we try to fix dinner without burning the house down.


Maybe we say it to ourselves when we choose to play or take a break instead of washing the laundry that’s piling up.

Maybe we say it to them as we search for our keys to get out the door.

Maybe we whisper it to ourselves as we fight our frustrations and try hard to just keep going.

That’s why I’m here to encourage you—

“Mama, just hold on.”

We’ve got to learn to be okay with the wait. Them waiting. Us waiting.

Because the truth is someone is going to wait.

And the older our kids get, the more they’ll understand it, too. We only have two hands. We can only do so much.

We just need to keep asking God for help in choosing the next right thing to do.

And ask our husbands or friends or family for help when we’re stretched too thin.

And give ourselves grace. Loads of grace.

We weren’t meant to do it all, friends.

Let’s be okay with saying - hold on.


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