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Moms, fill your own cup

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Every day I style their hair and put them in a nice outfit. I have on gym clothes and a messy bun.

I never leave the house without a plethora of healthy snacks and full water bottles for them. Half of the time I forget my own.

They are lathered up with sunscreen every time they leave the house. I keep my fingers crossed that the sunscreen in my morning face lotion will do the trick.


I encourage my girls to try new things, to be confident and never let anything stand in their way. Yet I doubt myself when I attempt something new.

I monitor their screen time ensuring that they have stimulating activities throughout the day. Meanwhile I get sucked into social media after they go to bed.

I ensure that my kids get enough sleep every night. Yet, I stay up doing “important things” and wake up exhausted.

I tell my girls that they can be anything they want to be. I encourage them to continue to dream big. But I don’t always spend the time working towards my own big dreams.

I’ve caught glimpses of that mom, the one that fills her cup and doesn’t always run on empty. Let me tell you she is more fun, more present, more energized and happier than the mom who thinks she is giving her family the best by putting everyone else first. As if self-deprivation somehow makes you “better” at something.

We want the best for our kids. Imagine if we wanted the best for ourselves as well.

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