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Moms, take the rest now, clean your house later

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I spent five hours cleaning my house yesterday.

Five. Hours.

It was a Sunday – you know, a day of rest – yet there I was moving my butt up and down two flights of stairs, on my knees scrubbing bathtubs and folding mountain after mountain of laundry.


My husband was off fishing with buddies and my son was settled in for his usual three-hour nap, so I had every opportunity in the world to join them in my own personal siesta.

And I had every intention of doing so, too, because "Stranger Things 2" was finally on Netflix.

Here's how it went down:

I sit down on the couch getting ready to dive into a three-hour binge session when I notice that my floor is a bit dirty from bringing in the firewood earlier that morning. That’s okay. I’ll just sweep it up really quickly while the opening credits begin to roll.

After the floor is swept free of all the wood debris, I notice it is a bit dingy and scuffed up. How could I possibly sweep a floor and not finish it up with the obligatory mopping? Nothing good happens in the first ten minutes of a show anyway, right?

Finally, my floors look as shiny as a new penny and I am feeling pretty content. Time to get comfy and find out if they finally get #justiceforbarb.

Ahh, this couch is so amazing I simply must get more comfortable by surrounding myself with a mountain of throw pillows. But what is that smell? Oh. My. Word. The dog was on the couch when we weren’t looking and now it smells like a polluted pet store. I guess I can quickly toss the pillows in the wash. It should only take a couple of minutes.

Good grief! How did I forget to take the laundry out of the dryer from yesterday? I better do that now before I forget again. I can fold while watching my show anyway.

Man I love this show. I mean, I really love this show – nothing can tear me away from it. Well, I guess one thing can – I really have to pee. I’ll just be a minute!

Heaven have mercy! When did that ring form around my bathtub? That’s absolutely unacceptable, I have company coming over later today! I better scrub that clean before anyone notices.

While I have these supplies out I might as well scrub the other two. Whew — my bathrooms are finally clean, my floors are spotless, and my kid is. . .awake. Sigh.

I guess I can watch the show tomorrow.

Flash forward to this morning — less than 24 hours later— and here is my kitchen floor.

Covered in rice cake and Cheerio dust.

Ladies, take note. Your floors will always be dirty - but good shows on Netflix are temporary.

Watch the darn show.

Worry about the mess later.

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