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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

Mommy's Not Perfect, and It's Okay! My 2016 Resolution

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For 2016 I’m going to let my girls see more of me. As a mom it’s somewhat natural to want to show only your good side, to pretend like you have everything figured out. But this isn’t fair to them or me.

So I’m going to share more of my goals, obstacles and how I work through them… in an age appropriate way of course.

You know how we feel better sharing with a person that doesn't have it all figured out? We want to talk and get perspective from someone that can offer wisdom, that's been through some things and that understands life happens.

My kids are like that, too. When I use examples of problems I’ve had and how I handled it, they are more likely to listen to my advice.

So, I'm going to be more proactive this year with the sharing.

Three Ways I’m Going To Keep My 2016 Mom Resolution:

  • Share at least one of my career goals and give my girls progress reports periodically. Also, I’ll encourage them to ask about my progress whenever they feel like it.
  • Share when I have good days and bad days. They don’t need to think they are the only ones that have good and bad days, :-).
  • Continue to take me time. I try to take a long nap every Sunday and I regular schedule Girls Night In/Out.

And a bonus? I'll have extra motivation to be a better person each day, :-).

HAPPY 2016!

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