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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Mommy of Identical Twins

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on January 6, 2016 I found out was was two months pregnant. On January 7th, 2016 I found out I was pregnant with twins. I was two months along and I had had no clue that I was pregnant until January 6th. May 12th 2016 I found out that one of my two daughters had died in my womb. May 14th I went into preterm labour and on the 15th I was sent to a hospital that specializes in preemies as young as 24 gestation (after getting the shot in the butt for my surviving daughters lungs). I was on bed rest for 4 days before I gave birth. I didn't get to meet my surviving daughter for three hours, but I did meet my angel baby. Three hours go by and they finally tell me I can meet my baby. I walked right into the NICU only three hours after my emergency c-section. I didn't get to hold her for three days. I was a huge mess but I had to be strong and brave for my two girls. I was pumping every two hours in between my everyday life in the NICU. On top of everything I was dealing with I had to deal with the most horrible funeral home ever. Davis' funeral home. They lied and deceived me. They went behind my back and took my dead baby without notifying me first (as I had made vet clear to tell me). I never got to kiss my dead baby goodbye. Then they told me a couple days later that they were refusing to cremate her because they never received my consent form. I had multiple witnesses that can testify to the fave the my consent form was indeed faxed over to them. They let her sit in their funeral home by herself without her family being close by. They prevented me from holding my living baby die to the fact that handling her would cause too much stress. They are horrible, heartless people there at Davis'. We spent three months in the NICU with a lot of ups and downs. The nurses had to do CPR on my daughter once, and on another occasion a nurse left my daughters incubator door open while she was across the room. Yes, she really did do that. That's what I had walked into when I got back to the hospital. Plus come to find out that after my fiancee and I went to bed, she never left my room but was instead in there the whole damn night with my daughter. I reported bet and made it very that she is never again to be near my kid. Oh and by the way my daughter was notoriously known for getting her tiny body wedged in between the bed and the doors. My twin baby A (the one who died) was 1 pound 3.5 ounces, and my twin baby B (the living baby) was born at 1 pound 14 ounces. They were 26 gestation at birth. I just turned 24 in September.

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