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Moms, sometimes it's OK to be 'just OK'

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Someone out there needs to hear this. Sometimes it’s ok to just be ok. This is a reminder to myself as much as anyone. It’s ok not to be perfect at everything. It’s ok to feel like you’re failing from time to time (you’re not). And most importantly, it’s ok to be a hot mess occasionally. Not just feel like a hot mess... but a hot mess.

This morning I struggled more than usual to get all 3 boys sufficiently clean-ish (emphasis on the ish), dressed (thank God for hoodies), fed (yogurt pouches and toaster waffles count, right?), bundled up and out the door. The 3 year old insisted on wearing a ripped up 8 year old Batman backpack (empty) and one “glub” instead of two. Choose your battles. My hair made it into a Target-worthy mom-bun and headband, a few strokes of makeup were attempted (mascara was on point...let’s be honest, the rest of my face can be on the struggle bus, but mascara will always be on point) and off to work I went.

**worked a full day**


Note: I love my job. I absolutely love what I do and get lost in the work day most days. This is where I feel most human, most sane, and actually good and successful at life.

Husband had to work late, so I had to pick up the boys from the babysitter. After arguing with one of the 7 year olds on the sidewalk for what felt like 27 minutes about why his “pulled hamstring” (barely there bruise on his leg) should not be causing him to walk at the pace of a slug, we made it into the car. Everyone buckled, we survived the 6 minute drive home. Walked in the door, everyone is starrrrrrrving. Made 3 separate simple dinners for each of them because heaven forbid they eat the same thing and I had about 10 minutes before someone over-dramatically “passed out” from hunger. Listened to one complain about why ketchup is too spicy and another yell at me for not signing his homework yet. Opened refrigerator door on 3 year old’s head. Soothed screaming 3 year old. Unpacked backpacks while they were eating, found nerf bullets and one shoe in one backpack. Decided not to ask why. Packed lunches for tomorrow. Listened to all 3 whine about tablets and Nintendo not being allowed at dinner table. Cleaned up dinner and dishes. Cleaned up the disastrous mess puppy decided to leave upstairs while boys were eating dinner. Stared at myself in the mirror and silently encouraged myself to breathe and just. keep. going. Finally changed out of my heels.

Now as I sit here in my sweat pants with all homework done, mom bun still in tact, toddler curled up against me smiling and the other two silently playing in the next room, I breathe deeply and laugh about the monstrosity that was today.

It’s ok to just be ok. Today... I was just ok. And that’s ok. Because to my boys, I will always be more than just ok.

Sincerely, Hot Mess Working mom of 3 boys

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