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Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

mom. mom. mom. mom. mom.

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Mom, I have a question.
Mom, can I have a snack?
Mom, can you help?
Mom, I need you.
Mom, mom, mom….

Sometimes I wonder how many times in a single day the name “mom” is said to me. I wonder how many times in a month, a year, a decade.

Ten thousand? One hundred thousand?

Some days it feels like it’s hundreds of time in a day.

“Mom. Mom. Mom.”


Sometimes it’s the sweetest sound. It makes my heart burst.

Sometimes it’s annoying – especially when it’s the long drawn out “mo—–ooo-m” when there’s a fight.

Sometimes I can tell instantly they need me.

Sometimes I can tell instantly they want something.

Sometimes it brings good news behind.

Sometimes it brings discussion and tears.


Who would have thought so many, many, many meanings.

Sometimes it makes my heart leap when it’s from kids of mine who live far away.

Sometimes it wakes me in the night.

Sometimes the words “I hate you” come before.

Sometimes the words “I’m sorry” follow.

Sometimes it’s on cards.

And sometimes when it’s late at night and finally quiet the overwhelming beauty of being their person, their mom, hits my heart.

I’m their person.

I’m their rock.

I’m their rules.

I’m their safe place.

I’m their constant.

I’m their test the boundaries.

I’m their sit next to them while they do homework.

I’m their cheerleader.

I’m their driver.

I’m their middle of the night person.

I'm their listener.

I'm their should to cry on.

I'm their nurturer.

I'm their yes.

I'm their no.

I’m their advocate.

I’m their person.

Their mom.

Sweet sister, don’t ever think all you do doesn’t make a difference. Don’t doubt your importance. Don’t ever go there.

Instead, listen, believe me – you are amazing.

You are their mom.


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