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"Mom, I wish Ralph would break the internet and make all my pictures go away!"

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This was originally published on Theresa's Reviews Facebook Page.

About a month ago, my daughter came home from school after discussing Digital Footprints, and she explained to me that with all of her photos posted online, there were a lot of things that could go wrong. She could have too many people see her photo, she might just not like the photo of herself, or someone could say something mean about her.

"It's MY picture," she explained.

She might have the most sense in the whole family for wanting to get rid of her digital identity, but short of taking down my entire website and social media, there weren't many ways to get all her photos down. Not to mention, her YouTube show is something her sister adores doing and is really proud of having.

We were at a standstill with posting for a few weeks while she figured out what she wanted to do. Collaborating as a family on creative things is something we enjoy, but if she didn't want to, it wouldn't continue.

After pausing their YouTube channel for a month, she eventually came to me and said she overcame her fears because she loved doing it. She wanted to continue, and she even came up with some ideas for the new video reactions they made.

Navigating the world of having children on social media before they are old enough to own their social accounts is something many writers and bloggers go through, and for now, our family has come to the conclusion that Ralph no longer needs to break the internet to take all the pictures and videos down.

As my blogger children get older, if this idea needs to be revisited, it will be, and in the meantime every post is absolutely approved by them.

Also, she can't wait to finally watch Ralph Breaks the Internet this weekend.

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