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Moana Party Ideas For Children

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Moana has stolen the hearts of millions fans. Are you preparing for your child's party? Have you any ideas for party? Let's celebrate the party with Moana fashion. Read on this article to make your party become one of the best awesome parties. Throwing a big party for your children, it is fun to prepare for a Moana theme party with food, decorations and entertainment.

Are you looking for some fun and creative Moana birthday ideas for your child next birthday? ColoringPagesOnly will help you have the most amazing party. From unique invitations, awesome cakes to crafty decorations and many more.



There are adorable designs and styles for Moana's invitations. Make and design nice invitations that invite your child's friend to join in party. You can buy invitations or you make your own invitation by using backgrounds, logos or anything that relate to Moana. I usually design for my invitation by using Moana Coloring Pages; I print out these coloring sheets and then edit or insert some text or fun images in these sheets.



Decorations is one of the most important for the party. Moana is still fairly new, thus on the market there aren't many products available. You have to make your own anyway. We suggest that you should choose mint and coral as the main colors for the party. We bring beachy and bright accents. We make giant tissue paper flowers and place photos of daughter’s life. They are on the food table in the kitchen! You collect and place some shells and sea stars on the cake and food tables.



- Birthday Cake: Make a simple birthday cake with the hibiscus flowers and when you cut into, this cake is very awesome with beautiful bright ombre colors. Bring special touch for your guests. There are many designs for Moana birthday cake, you can make your own or if you are not much of a baker buy it at the bakery.

- Cookies: The guests will have a great inspiration about Moana movie with the cookies that are designed with the beautiful hibiscus.

- Cupcake toppers: Decorate your cupcakes with fantastic Moana cupcake toppers; this is a perfect combination for your party.

- Drink dispenser: Serve drink dispenser for your guests. This is a great drink to server up punch at your Moana party.


The birthday party will have much more fun with games or activities and we will supply for you some ideas.

- Moana Printable Coloring Pages: You need to prepare some printable Moana Coloring Pages, crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue, stickers, scissors and more. Give each child a coloring sheet a supply art supplies. Let them color and finish their picture, write their name on their artworks. Then display their artworks for everyone. Coloring sheets are a nice idea for adding some fun to the party and allow the kids to express themselves creatively.


- Pin the tail on Hei Hei: If you have ever seen Moana movie, you will remember HeiHei the rooster that is one of the favorite characters in the film. You buy a white tag board and draw it, color it and then play game ‘Pin the Tail Feather on HeiHei’.


- Throw coconuts: This game is very simple; you just only buy three coconuts and let the children roll or throw the coconuts into a hula hoop. Organize this game in your yard. This game will bring many smiles and also a challenge game for the adults.


- Volcano eruption: Make a paper mache volcano and paint it. The children have much fun watching the ‘lava’ erupt. If you don't know how to build paper mache volcano, check out it through the internet.

If your kids like Moana, throw them a Moana party. I’m sure they’ll remember it for years to come.

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