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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

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I am my Mother after all!

My mom is my best friend. She has taught me so much in my life---love with all your heart, use your manners, and to believe in yourself. Just to name a few. Now that I'm a mom to two precious boys, all the things she has taught me have new meaning.

My boys will always know how loved they are. I loved them before I knew them! My precious gifts...and before I had children, I didn't understand the depth of a parent's love. You just don't know until you experience it. Truly amazing!

I'm from a small southern town and manners are SO important to me. I've always been taught to say yes mam and no mam, thank you and please. My boys will also have good manners---they go a long way! I'm going to do my best to raise southern gentlemen. They will treat people with respect, especially ladies. They will know to open doors and pull out chairs. Chilvary is important. I need for them to know this because whoever they bring home could possibly be the mother of my grandchildren one day---I need for them to attract a good, southern girl!

Lastly, I want them to always believe in themselves. My mom always, always believed in me. She was my biggest fan and still is. She's the first one to sing my praises. I'm gonna be that person for my boys. I'm gonna be their cheerleader for life! I want them to work hard for things and know that whatever it is they want to achieve, they can do it with a little hard work and dedications and, of course, their momma right behind them!

Everyday I see that I'm a little more like my momma. I love it! I can only hope that my boys see me the way I see my mom...with so much love and adoration. And that I can be half the mom she is..

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