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Miracle baby

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Hello- I have 3 amazing kids already. 2 of which are adults and my husband of 4 years and I have a son that is 3. We wanted another baby so he has a sibbling his own age to grow up with as my other two did. We did get pregnant back in 2014 however with complications we lost a son Brody on 12/10/14. I never had so much pain and lost in my faith then when I lost my son. I then became pregnant again summer of 2015 and 6 weeks miscarried. I gave up on having another sibbling for my son Keagan. I still was looking for my faith that I have loat until I watched miracles from heaven. It braught my faith back. I then found out in March of 2016 I am pregnant once again and I was in shocked. I was hesitant and I have had health issues from the first month. My husband and I didn't tell our family until we were over 5months in case of loosing another baby. Still with complication I am now due Dec 28 2016 and only a couple weeks away and Dr visits twices a week to monitor the baby and myself. We so far are doing ok. For what ever Gods plan was to take two of my babies to heaven but now blessed me with a miracle baby boy due in a few weeks.

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