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Metamorphosis of Destiny

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What is Metamorphosis of Destiny? I recently met a woman by the name of Caris L. Reed, CEO and Life Consultant of Destiny Walkers Network. She is an Empowerment Speaker, who has brought real-life change to women from all walks of life. She cornered the title “Metamorphosis of Destiny”, because through her talks and coaching, she helps to “change your mindset and thought process, she believes that you can shift from negative to positive behaviors, and finally from passion to purpose, in order to live a fulfilled and happy life.”

When I met Caris, one of the things that impressed me about her the most as a fellow Woman’s Empowerment Speaker, is that she’s full of life, calm, supportive and passionate about the purpose that she has in fact created for herself as well. She shares her story of how in 2012, she was at the lowest point in her life, she lost everything and had fallen into depression and despair. She explains “I did not know what to do or how to get my life back on track of happiness and fulfillment. I was at a state of uncertainty as far as how to walk in my purpose, how to heal myself form the past toxic hurt and unforgiveness.”

It was like she was telling me how a few years ago I was feeling also leaving a toxic situation and I was in a haze of who, what, when, where and how to move forward and pick up the pieces and put it back together again. I thought how I could have used someone like Caris L. Reed and not only her life’s experience, but most importantly her ability to help others create a plan or road map if you will, to put you on a mental and physical road to recovery of mind, body, spirit and success.

One of the things that Caris credits to helping her achieve that absolution is the Bible (the oldest, most reliable solution) she references scriptures that helped her see her way through the darkness, she received inspiration and empowerment from Jeremiah 29:11 which led to Phil. 1:6. She states “That is what reignited my soul , mindset and the fire in me to begin my journey of healing and discovering my best purpose. Within six months I was taking the necessary steps and actions towards my emotional healing. I begin personal development so that I can be in the right position when manifestation arrives. Within the next five years I built on my goals, branded myself, became an author (Book Title: Being a Woman of destiny 7 key principles, how-to walk-in purpose), and created Entrepreneurship in various ways. I put myself in places with like-minded individuals I met awesome networks and the rest is history. Destiny Walkers Network is who we are today.”

Destiny Walkers Network, an online business consultant and women’s resource purpose platform. They specialize in helping powerful ambitious women unfold gifts, and passions so they walk in their purpose living fulfilled lives. They are known for the program called “The Metamorphosis of Destiny” a program that gives women four stages of process from emotional/health, financial, psychological, physical. The program creates a unique analysis of your goals, visions, and dreams giving you the blueprint to effectively pursue your purpose and walk it out boldly.

What I have personally learned in my 46 years of living on this earth is that opportunity does NOT knock at your door, happiness is NOT around the corner and success is NOT guaranteed, those things show up to those in life that show up to get it and showing up sometimes means reaching out to someone that can help put you on the right road to seek out that Opportunity, grab onto that Happiness and define what true Success looks like in your life. Women like Caris L. Reed and Destiny Walkers Network are what we need to continuously remind ourselves that with a little help any and all things are possible.

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