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Mental Health Awareness

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There's been a lot of talk in the media about mental health awareness and prevention. It seems now more than ever we need our employers, insurance companies and the public's general attitude towards health care to change. A few months ago there was a tweet talking about a lady who emailed her team that she was not feeling great and needed to take a "mental health day" and the response from her boss went viral. He praised her for doing that, for being honest and not saying she was sick with the flue (like I think most do) but honest about needing the sick leave to deal with her mental health. His positive response and support sent thousands to the chat rooms to discuss how great this was. Which leads me to think from this kind of response a lot of people really want change - but how...?

On todays show we are offering some really great suggestions and resources that are available when you need help and more importantly ways to make a plan in advance.In this interview that I had with my long time family friend Rebecca Cook Anderson we discuss the loss of my dear friend and her sister who suffered greatly with postpartum depression. Their nonprofit organization is called the Emily Effect and she offers some great advice on how to better deal with your mental health and great resources and options for prevention - including checking out our Wellness Weekend. She stresses how great of an opportunity this is because having doctors who are willing to collaborate and work together are the key to success when it comes to dealing with all the components that make up mental health physical, emotional and biological. Not one doctor can treat it all - it takes a team like our Talk 365 Wellness Team.

Watch the video to learn more about the Emily Effect and our amazing event coming up November 3rd and 4th or check out Talk365tv Facebook page to learn more there as well.

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