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medical alert bracelet

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I got Rory a medical bracelet - my 4 year old son .


When the lady asked what I wanted to write on it, I asked how many words can I put on it and she said why what do you want to put on there?

I paused for a minute…
Should my son ever wonder off ,
Should he ever get lost in a park,
Or if we had an accident..

What would I need people to know quickly to keep him safe?

‘I have autism, I cannot talk, I may refuse help, I may lash out because I’m scared,
I need my mum,
I’m non verbal. I need my book to talk to you.
My mum’s details,
My dad’s details,
My nans,
My pop,
My school,
My aunt’s. ‘

I thought, how do i break that down to fit on a 3cm bracelet ?

“ he is non verbal with autism “ I said.

“Ok so let’s put …. non verbal autistic.
He is an autistic person. Cool my nephew is the same “ she said.

Obviously because I am a highly emotional person I wanted to cry that she knew about autism and also had the humble feeling as i thought, they arent the same but i know what she meant..
So one side has that and the other has his name and my phone number.

I waited for her to engrave the bracelet. It felt sad, that I needed to put a “tag” on my son..another reminder that autism took his voice..

Its just a bracelet.
Pull yourself together mumma..

She gave me the bracelet..
I could only put a few words on there to explain my son in an emergency situation.

But just know, if you ever have to read his bracelet or another person’s bracelet ,
Underneath the word autism,
Is also the words
Pure love.

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