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Marry That Guy

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Marry that guy.

The one who is the calm to your crazy.

The one who falls asleep before you every night and lets you keep the light on while he sleeps so you can work on your outrageous dreams of writing a book.

The one who picks the kids up from the babysitter and takes the twins to soccer practice, entertains the preschooler, and feeds and bathes them all so you can stay late at work for a meeting to finish your 14 hour day.

Marry the guy who gets up in the middle of the night and zombie-drags himself to the other room to snuggle the 4 year old who is going through a daddy phase. Or helps calm down the 8 year old who had a bad dream.

The one who reads the Bible with your kids, journals with them every night and volunteers at their children’s church on Wednesday nights. The one who prays with them and makes sure they understand the meaning of Jesus and Heaven.

The one who doesn’t drink himself but calls you from the grocery store to make sure he’s picking out the red wine you like best.

Marry the guy who gets the puppy he’s adamantly against even though he knows he’ll be doing most of the work because he knows the joy she will bring to the family.

The one who does the entire family’s laundry at the resort before you leave your week of vacation and unpacks when you get home because he knows you have work to catch up on.

The one who budgets and makes sound financial decisions knowing you’re an impulse buyer and an Amazon-aholic.

Marry the guy who makes you feel beautiful in your glasses and a top knot and doesn’t complain when you wear his favorite hoodie to bed. Ok…doesn’t complain much.

The one who lets you nap when he can tell you’re anxious, overworked and overwhelmed. The one who encourages you to eat when he knows you haven’t stopped to do that today.

Marry the guy who forgives you when you don’t deserve it and fights for your marriage through every trial along the way.

The one who never gives up on you even when you’ve given up on yourself.

Take it from me. That man lying next to me sound asleep at 11:59pm while I'm still working and writing away. Marry that guy.

Love & Hugs,
Momming all the Boys

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