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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

Making Mommy A Priority

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The moment you get pregnant, you can't wait to start planning for your little bundle of joy to arrive. From decorating the nursery, to the clothes, to the baby gear and more, you are imagining this great life filled with joy and love. AND, you vow to yourself not to "lose yourself" in the hustle and bustle of being a mom, a partner, and a caretaker.


Fast forward two kids later, a heavy round of postpartum, and a very spirited child, my vow for not losing myself became a thing of the past. That mom who vowed not to lose herself has made the family such a priority, that taking care of herself has been set on the back burner. I mean, who the heck is she? Who are her friends? What does she like? Why is she not able to do what she likes? Why does she always look angry?

Suddenly social situations can be awkward, body image issues become the center of my conversations with my significant other, and each day becomes a chore rather than a journey.

Sure I could start blaming the "world" for what's happening because it's not me, it's them - RIGHT? But in reality, I can only control what I put out there. So even though there are things (and I mean MANY) I wish would just happen, my well-being and happiness shouldn't be contingent on those. So, for this year I want to make myself a few promises.

Smile and Laugh More. Seeing everyday as a chore rather than a journey can deplete your well-being. Being a stay-at-home/work-at-home parent can really take a smile away as you're just wanting to get things done and sometimes forget to enjoy. So as I battle through that huge pile of laundry, I'm going to smile about it being grateful that I am blessed with clothes that I can fold. As I have to get another meal on, yet again, I'm going to put on some music and dance while I cook. I'm going to be more conscious of my face as I go throughout the day to make sure that there is a smile, or even just a hint of one.

Get More Active. Trying to shed that baby weight, or even get to a point where I feel comfortable in my own skin is SO important to me. It's something that easily get's neglected, especially when I'm so tired. I'm going to look for any opportunity to do some sort of exercise. Whether it's squats when I'm pushing the stroller, or a quick jog around the park when my son is at soccer practice, I'm going to take every opportunity. So I guess that means I'll need to get some fashionable active wear since I'll be living in it!

Prepare for Some Serious Beauty Sleep. Once the kids go down after a long day (which seems like everyday), the last thing I want to do is stand at my mirror for 15 more minutes. My face-washing, tooth-brushing, beautifying process was severely neglected, and added to my self-conscious issues. So I'm going to be diligent and bring it back and make sure that I do it sooner in the evening rather than later when I'm ready to call it a night. AND, I'm going to hit the sac 15 minutes sooner than usually to get some extra shut eye.

Lighten Up. This is a big one for me. Especially with a non-stop toddler and a THREEnager in the house, things can be quite stressful. I am going to take the moments of frustration and try my best to not just make it a moment of teaching, but also be lighthearted (as much as I can). SO, instead of directing my son to put his toys away for the third time, I am going to guide his hand over and sing to him how we have to put the toys away. That should be more enticing, right?

Get Out More. As much as I want to hit that pillow every night as early as possible, I want to get out more. Whether it's with my friends, my husband, my family - I just want to get out sans kids. I've missed out on many adult conversations since kids, and I want to "catch up". I'm going to meet a friend at a juice place, a SoulCycle class, or even just a walk in the trails near my house (I mean, I'll be living in my active wear, so might as well take advantage, right?). And husbands, I hear ya! Date nights are really needed. But remember, that a girl needs her girlfriends too, so if mommy isn't making that a priority, offer it as a suggestion and make it happen!

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy 2016!

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