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Making healthy "cheat foods" for your kids

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Often times, I find myself guilty of whether or not I should allow my daughter to have certain treats that pretty much all kids get!

Whether it be pizza, or ice cream, there is always a decision to make. However, In doing my research I've realized that there is indeed ways to make healthy decisions when treating children to these type of foods.

It all comes down to doing your research, in my particular case 2 things stand out for my 4 year old Alicia, who has taken a loving for pizza and Chinese noodles! Which is quite a combination.

Now, these are not the healthiest of meals, so doing your research on how to make these types of foods as healthy as possible is important.

In the case of pizzas, I've realized that having the best pizza stone possible, is key! Which is quite funny because I had no clue what a pizza stone was until I actually looked up how to make pizza!

After all, I've always gotten my pizza at restaurants or by delivery(something that's quickly changing).

Asian food is a bit easier, I just needed to get my hands on the best wok available, which is essentially the pans that Asians use to cook their recipes! Now i am looking for more "cheat meals" that I could potentially make myself.

Any suggestions? I would love to hear what other parents have done about this!

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