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Make Something Better Everyday

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Every family seems to have its own language. Inside jokes, secret stories, special nicknames or commonly spoken phrases. Our family is no different.

We annoy our children by turning nearly every conversation into a musical. We tell the same stories over and over of things that make us laugh. Each child has their own nickname. And then there’s bedtime when my husband and I sing “It’s the most wonderful time of the day.” Because it truly is, isn’t it?

One of the things my husband will often say is “make something better everyday.” It’s one of my favorite phrases and it has become part of our family language. He will explain that it can be something as small as picking up a piece of trash in a parking lot or as big as serving your sister by cleaning her room. There is something you can do every single day to improve your environment.

Make something better everyday.

At school. At work. At church. At play.

Because we can all do something.

And a little something everyday will eventually become a week, a month, a year of being better!

All you have to do is look around and you’ll quickly find something to make better.

Clean out a drawer. Wash the car. Write a letter to a grandparent. Learn something new. Make an effort to be kind to someone.

And I bet something amazing will happen. I bet you’ll find that along the way, you became a little better everyday.

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