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Make Room

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Make room.

Two words that once meant nothing to me but now mean so much.

Last week the heartbreaking topic of miscarriage came up between a close friend and I because her best friend had just joined the worst club of all time. We talked about what helped me during the hard times and what she could say to her friend to make things easier.

I’m guessing she could see the pain in my eyes all over again, not because she asked me to talk about it, but because I found myself going back to that place where her friend now was and my heart was breaking for her. In the midst of a conversational pause she spoke up and said, “Can I give you advice?”

“Make room.”

Confused by what she meant I continued to listen and she preceded to explain.

She said, “I know you want a baby, but you need to make room for a baby. Literally, make a room for a baby and HE will provide. You have to make room for the things you want in life.”

I was shocked because to be honest, that’s exactly what we haven’t been doing.

If you remember my post from a few months ago, what once was started as our “babies room” after we got our first positive test was now storage. If you walked into that room on any given day it was filled with boxes, tools, cleaning supplies…it was our “throw it and leave it” kind of room because our plans had changed after experiencing miscarriage. We thought, “Why call it and treat it as a babies room when we aren’t even pregnant?”

This gets better.

Yesterday I was at a friend’s baby shower celebrating her and having the best time with close friends. I was excited to get home and spend the rest of my Sunday with my husband. I was so happy to see that while I was gone he had put away our groceries, changed the sheets on our bed, started laundry, vacuumed and…

He made room.
My kind-hearted, God loving, love of my life made room for OUR hearts biggest desire!

He emptied and cleaned the “storage” room and made it ready for a baby. No, we aren’t sure what the future holds but we are hopeful. We know that HE hears the desires of our hearts and He WILL provide. Maybe in a month, maybe in 5 years, or maybe in a way we aren’t expecting, but we have to LIVE like we believe in his promises-not just say we do.

So we are.

I’m not saying there aren’t days of grief and confusion and there aren’t hard days ahead, but I do believe this room will give me hope.

Empty, but ready.

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