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Challenge: Halloween Parade

Make Halloween great again

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Dear Party City, Amazon, SPIRIT, and Halloween City,

Halloween is for the KIDS.


And maybe that's an unpopular opinion

-- though I don't get how that is --

but, seriously, I am pretty freakin' disappointed with the lack of costume options and sizes out there for the younger, Halloween-celebrating-aged folk this year.

It's like, seriously, I couldn't find Wizard of Oz's Dorothy for my can that be?

There were very few non-mask or superhero options for my seven-year-old son,

and for my on the brink of tweenhood oldest,

everything was either too "little kid" or riding the line of age-appropriateness.






Why has this holiday become about


and sexy costumes,

and adults in sexy costumes bringing their alcohol-filled solo cups on the neighborhood rounds with their children?

Why has this holiday turned into charging loving parents thirty bucks at minimum for their kids' costumes that are not true to size once out of the bag, with loose seams made from thin AF fabric?

I'm disappointed.

As a mama whose kids didn't trick or treat last year because of the pandemic, my crew was stoked to go costume shopping today, only to be let down.

We'll make it work...'cause that's what we do...and, really, the kids care about the experience and the candy more than anything else, but I care about there being family-friendly variety and having options, and this year, well, there was a lack of that.


So here's some advice for next year...

Do better.

Make Halloween great again.


Make it affordable.

Make sure there are options for all.

Consider who your majority audience should be and cater to them.

And who that is, is anyone under the age of 13.

With frustration, two thumbs down, one out of five stars and a crappy review,

A mother with three under the age of ten


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