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Lucky Enough

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Motherhood is exciting, it is heartbreaking. Motherhood is full of sweat and dirty diapers, yet is full of the scent of soft Lilac Springs and Baby brand new.

It is the hardest job I have ever faced, yet the most rewarding. I have stumbled and failed, however, I have accepted my failures and kept my face towards the sun and kept walking, no matter how difficult.

I have gotten too wrapped up in teenage tears, and random eye rolls. I have accepted the role as the ‘mean mom’ because it will make them better humans.

I’ve been their soft place when the world has handed them dirt. I have also been their happy tears when they have held the world in their tiny palms.

Motherhood has taught me so many necessary lessons. My girls have taught me Grace and unconditional love. I have learned about
Mental Health,
The fragility of life.

I have learned that hospital coffee
Tastes like Heaven and
A Nurses smile can pull you through to the next minute.

I have learned the heartbreak,
and that not everything is ‘fixable’
and that is okay.

I have found my tribe of friends through motherhood.

Because of Motherhood, My inner sixth sense of spotting shady or dark people from a mile away has strengthened.

My inner Viking has emerged.

My daughters have led me to my passion.

It’s advocating and teaching the world.
It’s standing up to bullies and losing ill intentioned ‘friends’ for the sake of my girls.

Because of motherhood, I have become closer to God and I feel the wind of the Holy Spirit.
I pray more.
I have witnessed the breath of Angels
And Saint Peter has saved their lives
On more than one occasion.

I am lucky enough to have these four souls who see me as ‘pretty much perfect’
Even when I stumble or make mistakes,
in their Shimmering eyes,
I am their calm
I am forgiven.


I am lucky enough to be the mother of
A musician
A mathematician
An Autist
A brilliant dancer,
A Chess genius,
A gifted Athlete,
An Epileptic,
A singer,
A Bionic woman,
A Type I Diabetic,
A golfer,
An empath,
An introvert,
An extrovert,
A fisherwoman,
A Daddy’s girl,
A Mama’s girl,
A warrior,
A child who hears nothing,
Yet hears everything.
All intuitive,
All changing the world.

I am grateful for all the mothers who have been before me, and I pray for all the mothers who will come after.

I have learned the Essence of my mother and grandmothers.
I understand now,
the tears they have cried.
Thank you, mom.

Children are the healing music in a world that can be full of silent Chaos. I am lucky enough to be in an elite group of Conductors of life’s Symphony.

I am lucky...



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